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Cheat dan cara membuka rahasia-rahasia di God Of War II

Diskusi di 'Game Arena' dimulai oleh DarthVaderX, 12 May 2007.

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  1. DarthVaderX

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    God of War II Cheat Codes

    High Definition Mode
    This code is entered any time before the "Sony Computer Entertainment Presents" screen. The letters on that screen will turn purple if done correctly.
    Cheat Effect L1, L2, L3, Circle and Square simultaneously High Definition Mode

    God of War II Unlockables

    Unlockable Costumes
    Must complete the game on certain difficulty levels, Collect certain Items and receive certain ranks.
    Unlockable How to Unlock Cod of War costume Complete the game on any difficulty level. Hydra Armor Complete the game on any difficulty level. Hercules Complete the game on Titan mode. Dark Odyssey Complete the game on God mode. General Kratos Collect 20 Cyclops eyes. Must kill them with a context-sensitive move. Meaning the O button. Athena Complete the game on Titan mode. God Armor(The best costume, Doubles all stats) Receive God ranking in Challenge mode.

    Challenge Of The Titans Mode

    Complete the game on any difficulty mode to unlock in the treasures section.Exactly like the Challenge Of The Gods mode from the first God Of War, except there are 7 challenges.

    Unlock Titan difficulty mode

    Simply complete the game on any other difficulty mode.

    Arena Of The Fates

    Receive Titan rank on The Challenge Of The Titans to unlock in the Treasures section.Kind of a practice mode where you choose the health/magic/abilities/enemies, ect.

    In Game Movies

    Unlockable How to Unlock Story Format Beat the Game High Resolution Beat the Game

    God of War II Secrets

    Bonus Play
    To Start a new game with all Weapons/Magic at the levels you completed the game at, simply save your game and start a new game. Choose the Bonus Play option and you can start a new game with all your weapons/Magic at the levels you beat the game with. You can only choose the Bonus Play option on the difficulty you've beaten the game on. They will be marked by a sword on the New Game screen.

    Sex Mini-Game
    A little while into the area of Rhodes, the first area of the game, you will drop down into a bath-house/sauna type area. Instead of continuing and diving down, jump out of the water onto the area around it. There should be two screens which are breakable. Behind one of the screens are two topless women. By walking up to them and pressing the circle button, you initiate the sex mini-game in which you complete a series of button presses. When you have won, you will receive a large amount of red orbs and some green orbs. You can only receive the orbs once, however you may play the mini-game as much as you'd like.
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