Khusus untuk dewasa. Bagi yang belum cukup umur, sok muna, alim atau tidak suka sex, jangan protes, silahkan tutup halaman ini sekarang juga. Tetapi bagi kamu yang gemar duduk-duduk menghabiskan waktu untuk melihat dunia yang asik-asik, silahkan dilanjuti...

Curhat Tentang Sex

Diskusi di 'English Speaking' dimulai oleh phoeenix, 20 Mar 2011.

  1. phoeenix

    phoeenix Addict

    Seorang teman bercerita tentang pengalaman seksnya, dia mempunyai pandangan yang cukup menarik, lalu aku PAKSA dia untuk menulis pemikirannya.[​IMG]
    Karena dia kurang fasih berbahasa Indonesia yang baik dan benar sesuai dengan EYD, maka inilah hasil tulisannya :

    A girl once told me that she could only experience the best orgasm when she had a deep emotional connection with the person she was having sexual intercourse with. Her reason was simply because women are more emotional than men. She further explained that the sex would feel more intimate when a girl has a ‘feeling’ toward her partner, and so she would do whatever it takes to satisfy both her and the partner. The idea intrigued me and it often passed by my mind whenever I engaged in a sexual relationship. Could this sex be more amazing if I had a deeper emotional connection with the person in front of me? This was the sort of question that would come into my mind when I had sexual intercourse with a guy. At times, I didn’t have to be emotionally involved with the guy to have a great sex with him. Other times, as my love relationship bloomed, I could experience one of the most amazing sexual intercourse of my life. Or at least, that is how I would feel at the time. Now, as I grow older and experience more sexual intercourse with different people in my life, many things have changed the way I think about sex. As much as I want to say that a great sex does not have to involve any emotional dramas, it felt so much better if I loved the person I had sex with.

    I’m starting to think that maybe one aspect that could be interpreted from the traditional value of the forbidden pre-marital sex actually makes sense. When you experience sexual intercourse with different partners, you would soon start to notice the difference and unconsciously compare one to another. I now personally think that the idea of knowing too much of the better sex and the worse sex could endanger one’s way of thinking about sex itself. For example, a girl who is involved in a serious relationship with a guy, of whom she loves, would expect a great sex from him. When the great sex does not happen due to incompetence from the guy, such as too early of an ejaculation, or the guy could not hold a ‘hard-on’ long enough, the girl could become disappointed. This disappointment would then turn into the unconscious willingness to compare him to the other guys she has been with. In turn, this lame sex interferes with the way she feels about her partner.

    A guy once told me that he had the best sex with this girl he was very much in love with. He added that they could talk about the sex without the feeling of discomfort. Could this idea of being emotionally involved then affect the sex we have with our partners? To this I conclude that it does not only apply to girls, to reach a greater orgasm when there is an emotional connection, but it also applies to men. In my opinion, two people who are involved in a love relationship must have a good communication with one another. When they have a good communication, the feeling of being comfortable with each other should emerge within the relationship. If two people were able to express their feelings toward each other, the emotional connection between these two people would become closer. Therefore, a couple who is involved in a deep love relationship ideally has a greater satisfaction during their sexual intercourse because they would feel more connected to each other when they are having sex.

    Sometimes ago, I had one of the most amazing sex in my life with a guy I really liked. Initially, we both didn’t think that we could have a romantic relationship together, so we just fooled around as we were enjoying each other’s company. All I knew was that I really liked this guy and vice versa; the attraction was mutual. A few weeks passed by and we started seeing more of each other. By that time, whenever we had sex we looked into each other’s eyes and I could feel the deeper attraction between us. As a result, the eye contact always turned me on, which took me by surprise that I didn’t feel awkward at all. We were very comfortable in bed together, and the communication was good too because we expressed our feelings to one another. From that time on, more often than not, we reached our orgasms at the same time. Nothing could feel more satisfying than reaching the peak of an orgasm with an additional bonus of knowing that we both ‘came’ at the same time. In conclusion from my past experience, it has made me think twice about having sex just for the sake of satisfying my needs. I now prefer to have sex with someone I really care, so the sex would be great too, even if it means that under certain situations we have to work a little bit harder to get it.

    menarik juga yah... wod do u think??[​IMG]
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  2. badboy2010

    badboy2010 Addict

    lebih menarik kalo ce yg cerita
    yg bikin TS donk cerita :p
  3. phoeenix

    phoeenix Addict

    ciaaaap: this is my story

    I love bondage sex with my fiancee... [​IMG]
    he is very respectful [​IMG]and follows my cues closely.

    If he didn't feel completely safe with me, [​IMG]he simply wouldn't allow me to do it.
    And he would explain to me exactly why.[​IMG]
    i think...[​IMG] i need to have more respect for him...
  4. sixbox

    sixbox Junior

    sis kapan ni di share foto bondage nya hehehehhe
  5. Candiwalang

    Candiwalang Penjaga kubur (lagi)

    Phooee...klo ada waktu terjemahin dunk....
    khan..yang Inggisnya pas-pasan kaya aq, kepengen tau juga cerita utuhnya... ...
  6. michan

    michan Senior

    That was sweet phoee...
    I think it was very interesting. Personally I do agree that it would be different when you have sex with someone you love. Even though, I haven't had intercourse, but it feels like there is something missing when you have intimate time with someone you don't love.
  7. kepa

    kepa Banned

    believe me sis michan..if you did it wif me..that kind of "something" missing won't be so important anymore :p
    lets give it a try, will we? hihihihi...
  8. michan

    michan Senior

    WoW... :eek: What a confidence... :p Nice though
  9. janda_genit

    janda_genit Junior

    that's why...there's a BIG difference between making love and having sex..
    cuz many people mistakenly understand about those things...
    having sex with someone you love is making love
    having sex with someone you dont love is..having sex (duh!) sex is just sex

    but what if the sex is too good??
    you're too afraid to look at him/her in the eyes, cuz u'll know by the time u look at those eyes,,u'll be drawn and sucked into them
    and then, all of the sudden,, you can't let go,,you will not let go..

    (why the heck i write this???)
  10. under_cover

    under_cover Junior

    smart answer
  11. bigdim1988

    bigdim1988 Addict

    sweet story and a agood experience too, yaps Phoe, another research tells that too. Feelin is important in an intimous (does this word rite??) relationship, without that, it's just feelin nothin, hurt yes.....CMIW :p
  12. kepa

    kepa Banned

    thought felt nothing but pleasure? :D
  13. bigdim1988

    bigdim1988 Addict

    :)) yups, but if it's only one who felt pleasure wasn't fair i think :p
  14. z o e t

    z o e t Addict

    Often we are not honest with a relationship term that we are living with our partner...Do you?
    yeaa may be that's too many reasons for us to deny it.. isn't it?

    Whatever you call the sexual relationship/ emotional connection..bla..bla..bla between both of you..
    How often we stared at each other's eyes contact when we were having sex / making love or etc..?
    Do you?

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