Khusus untuk dewasa. Bagi yang belum cukup umur, sok muna, alim atau tidak suka sex, jangan protes, silahkan tutup halaman ini sekarang juga. Tetapi bagi kamu yang gemar duduk-duduk menghabiskan waktu untuk melihat dunia yang asik-asik, silahkan dilanjuti...

Hello from Japan

Diskusi di 'English Speaking' dimulai oleh xtvcasting, 5 Feb 2007.

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  1. xtvcasting

    xtvcasting Newbie

    Hi there, I just found your site... looks cool, but unfortunately I don't understand your language.

    Anyway, I hope I will become a good member.
  2. dawn

    dawn Enthusiast

    Hey cool, check out the Action section. This site have a pretty good range of japanese girls.

  3. xtvcasting

    xtvcasting Newbie


    Thanks, Dawn.
  4. pwekok

    pwekok Addict

    welcome xtv. Rare to find our fellow from Japan. Hope u enjoy here :D
  5. luiziferus

    luiziferus Mania

    [DS] has reached japan...! unbelievable.. bravo [DS]...
  6. kenthunk

    kenthunk Senior+

    Welcome aboard.. Hahahaha...
  7. mcjacker

    mcjacker Junior

    moshi moshi..

    anatano nawaiwa nandeska?..
  8. Jingga

    Jingga Mania

    You maybe not understand bahasa but keep going our member will make advice for you ... go go go...
  9. perbutulan

    perbutulan Addict

    welcome to DS glad to meet u
  10. Hangoverz

    Hangoverz Addict

    wow,congrats for our man mr.joss,salute for DS
    n of course welcome 2 u xtvcasting,have something 2 share with us:D
    if u have any problem or question just pm one of our moderator,trust me they are nice people,they'll help u;)
  11. Meteor

    Meteor Elite

    Welcome bro...
    sure it's rare to find japanesse member
    Take your time and enjoy the threads :D
  12. zabimaru

    zabimaru Mania

    welcome bro, there's a lot of jap's movie here... enjoy
  13. blupool7576

    blupool7576 Junior

    hi bro...welcome to the club:cool:
  14. a1tung

    a1tung Junior

    japan chicks on the go
  15. captain_aha

    captain_aha Elite

    こんにちは私達のフォーラムに歓迎しなさい。 希望それを楽しむ。 そして。!共有することを忘れてはいけない!:D
  16. gomi

    gomi Junior

    hi there.. i`m also from japan!
    nice forum here.. keep up the good work ;)
  17. dbs

    dbs Junior

    Konichiwa.......where about in Japan you are Honshu,Hokkaido,Kyushu......coz I am in Japan too.....location around Ryu kyu island Okinawa
  18. cncn

    cncn Mania

    keep posting my dear friend, i gurantee there're alot more surprice for u.welcome
  19. marcella oki

    marcella oki Junior

    hoh o pretty good for japanese can reach this site ,,,i think it is so familiar
  20. yellowman

    yellowman Junior

    welcome aboard
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