Khusus untuk dewasa. Bagi yang belum cukup umur, sok muna, alim atau tidak suka sex, jangan protes, silahkan tutup halaman ini sekarang juga. Tetapi bagi kamu yang gemar duduk-duduk menghabiskan waktu untuk melihat dunia yang asik-asik, silahkan dilanjuti...


Diskusi di 'English Speaking' dimulai oleh mastermod, 5 Jul 2007.

  1. mastermod

    mastermod Mania

    Everywhere you look, someone is trying to tell you something different about sex. Some religions ask that you wait until marriage. On television, sex is used to sell everything from cars to colas.
    Sex can be pretty confusing. You may have been told that sex is a sacred act between two married people who love each other very much. But then you turn on your TV and you see quite a different story - people having casual or meaningless sex, using it to get revenge or to control people, or using it to advertise everything from soft drinks to vacuum cleaners.
    The point is, there's a lot of bad information floating around about sex. And while you may have already had "The Sex Talk" with your parents, you may still have a few questions. Your parents, your teachers or your doctor would likely be happy to answer your questions, but let's face it, some of this stuff can be pretty embarrassing.
    What do you think about your sex-life?
  2. d4rkwolf

    d4rkwolf Mania

    well, frankly, i m still a virgin and i love to have sex..
    but due to my religion, i am not allowed to have sex until i married to a nice beautiful girl..

    hahahaha :D
  3. tesco

    tesco Junior

    surely u masturbate a lot, he2
  4. bayuubay9999

    bayuubay9999 Junior

    well for me sex is a human rights. it's my privacy and fuck off other people about they r thinking about sex. I love sex and I ll do it, any time I want and with anyone who loving me even for only a few moment when making love..
  5. kurang

    kurang Junior

  6. sam2002

    sam2002 Junior

    for me sex is something beautiful.
    dont ever think that sex is only about getting ur penis in girl veggy.
    u have to enjoy it. and also u have to think about ur partner satisfaction.
    if u only think about ur own satisfaction, thats mean ur not having sex, but ur having masturbate.
  7. vi.inside

    vi.inside Senior


    for me, sex is only an entertainment and art. well you can see how kamasutra is really famous. why? the art of sex :)
    even i have watched a lot of porn, i have never done it before.

    yes i agree with that.. every religion not allowed someone to have sex until they get married.
    i want my husband who touch me for the first time.
  8. doyo

    doyo Senior

    I Agree with your opinion & I hope you'll get the best man to be your husband=D>=D>
  9. d4rkwolf

    d4rkwolf Mania

    i wonder how come you can conclude that i masturbate a lot???
    its true that i am inexperience in sex, but it doesnt mean i have to masturbate A LOT...
    maybe its you who masturbate a lot??? hahahah :D
  10. vphild

    vphild Junior

    sex makes the world go round

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