Khusus untuk dewasa. Bagi yang belum cukup umur, sok muna, alim atau tidak suka sex, jangan protes, silahkan tutup halaman ini sekarang juga. Tetapi bagi kamu yang gemar duduk-duduk menghabiskan waktu untuk melihat dunia yang asik-asik, silahkan dilanjuti...

where do you come from??

Diskusi di 'English Speaking' dimulai oleh aya_cute, 28 Feb 2007.

  1. KL_Knight

    KL_Knight Junior

    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia..
  2. hugh_jorgan

    hugh_jorgan Junior

    hiiii, im from australia, but spent many years visiting or working in jakarta an semarang. A friend of mine who worked in Paletahan, in Blok M, put me onto DS and I have been forever grateful.
  3. dicbilaboong

    dicbilaboong Junior

    hey newbie here, originally indonesian, but currently studying in Melbourne.
  4. tesco

    tesco Junior

    im from malaysia, knew this site from google, fell in love in it
    registered 2 years ago, but frequently just browsing, few times posting
  5. cruzhrief

    cruzhrief Junior

    hi aya...im from indonesia...
    actually i go to other country for some job..
    so you will not know where i am now..exactly

    but the most palace im visited is on riau
    my "kampung"
    i acctually know [DS] from my own curiosity
  6. j-vall

    j-vall Junior

    Hi aya, i`m from malaysia same as others. found this site while googling the naughty keywords. then i decided to registered here.
  7. alex_reno

    alex_reno Junior

    hi aya, i know this site from my uncle..his name is google, he told me that ds is a good site for me :)
  8. SonicCyclone

    SonicCyclone Junior

    hmm,I'm Indonesian, I found this site while I'm searching for porn videos,,hehe..
    aaaaaaaaaaaanyway, Foreign sex is a good way to learn a certain experience, right???
  9. waufat

    waufat Junior

    me from Johor, Malaysia but now working in cikarang, Indonesia
  10. ratapan

    ratapan Junior

    hye frens im new comers....

    from malaysia.... :D
  11. kingsing84

    kingsing84 Junior

    HI all..

    im from KL, Msia
  12. navikilya

    navikilya Junior

    i reckon its a tough job finding those sort of chinese xxx muvee,eh?even me myself still couldnt really find a good chinese muvee.mostly theyre japs or american chinese.i wonder how chinese chick scream
  13. navikilya

    navikilya Junior

    Anyway, m a sydney goers. howdi, mate!
  14. dacko can

    dacko can Junior


    I'm tio_can newbie from indonesia.
    My friends just telling about this site, n i'm so interested to joint in.
    The reason is because of my english is not good enough, n i really...really...want to increase and will be fluently when talking.

    Nice to c u all of you guest.....
  15. dacko can

    dacko can Junior


    I'm tio_can from indonesia.
    can you tell me about KL ? coz many people sayz that's a nice place to visit.

  16. scotty13

    scotty13 Junior

    Im living in Melbourne now... just moved... but am and Aussie.
  17. ashepia

    ashepia Junior

    i know this web, when search at google. Than i register as a member, i ever lost my password, so now in here i newbie again although i'm registered on 2007.
  18. romantier2

    romantier2 Junior

    I'm originally from KL, but now a long time down under resident. How are you all going.
  19. romantier2

    romantier2 Junior

    Used to live in KL in the sixties and early seventies (migrated down under for years now). Rode my bicycle everywhere then. Don't think that can be done anymore. Went for a visit in 2000 and place has grown. So busy. Was scared to even cross the road. Nearly had a heart attack when I tried to drive. Still a great place to visit tho.
  20. belexxx

    belexxx Junior


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